DSN forum Newsletter is back 😁 : Amanda Epps 1/9/2019

It’s officially September and as promised the DSN forum newsletters are back for all your weekly diabetes gossip.

We hope you’ve all had a good summer, we certainly have, holidays, birthdays, and planning the future of the forum…we have a few things in the pipeline #TopSecret for now 😁

Forum team news

Beth was awarded a full scholarship to start her MSc in diabetes, we joke that the twitter account will be quiet now as both Beth and I get to work.

Zoe passed her prescribing course, anyone who has done this will know how much work goes into it, well done Zoe

I got my PgDip in advanced practice health and have chosen to start all over again with a new MSc in Diabetes…I must be crazy!

For personal reasons Sarah has decided to leave the admin team. The team will really miss her, who is going to delete all the strange requests to join the forum now 😂 As you will know, the forum admin team all work voluntarily, sometimes there can be days where we are inundated with things that need our attention. It can be difficult to manage alongside other work commitments. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah for all her time and commitment to helping make the forum a success and wish her all the best for her future work.

Now for the Summer diabetes news, the diabetes world certainly hasn’t been on holiday!

We had an important message about the blood glucose meter compatibility with the dexcom G6,

Partha gave us a hint at a best practice tariff for 19-25 years, looking forward to more news on this as it unfolds.

NHS diabetes are also asking for HCP, carers and pwd T2 diabetes views on a new online platform for people with T2, check out the Survey here

There was an update to the Hypertension guidelines from NICE here

NICE also published guidelines on the use of Dapagliflozin with insulin for treating type 1 diabetes here

Amar Puttana kindly shared this 2019 ESC Guidelines on diabetes, pre-diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases developed in collaboration with the EASD here

DUK released a Position statement on the use of DIY closed loop systems, a subject Beth and I are really interested in here

Jane Rowney and David Lipscomb had their article published on the use of freestyle libre in the frail population here

Sarah Gregory had her article published on Diabetes care in care home and residential settings here

Andrea Lake’s really interesting article on the effect of hypoglycaemia during hospital admission on health‐related outcomes for people with diabetes: a systematic review and meta‐analysis here

Chris Garrett et al published this article Recurrent diabetic ketoacidosis and a brief history of brittle diabetes research: contemporary and past evidence in diabetic ketoacidosis research including mortality, mental health and prevention.


CDEP launched the Safe use of insulin in the community


There was a big debate in the forum on the view we are giving student nurses of diabetes after this photo was shared. The discussion looked at ways of promoting the language matters document to ward nurses as these are where students will spend the majority of their placements. If you’ve not seen the language matters document check it out here

It would seem Twitter was affected by the heat over the summer with some quiet toxic conversations by the low carb crowd after this photo was posted on hospital food

Twitter can be a wonderful place and then a toxic place at times with people tweeting things they would never say directly in person. A wise friend (Adrian) once said to me once that twitter is a bubble, yes there are many people on twitter but there are also many more thousands who are not. Read his blog here

On a more cheerful note it’s nearly time for the DPC conference. We have a “Meet the DSN forum UK and Trend UK” session details to follow, i’d better dust off our banner stands, get your best selfie smiles ready 😁. Get your tickets here

As many of you will know last year the DSN forum won Diabetes Healthcare Professionals of the Year at the Quality in Care Diabetes awards. This year we were really pleased to be part of the judging panel and there are certainly a lot of candidates for a multitude of different awards, all of them fully deserving. We are really looking forward to the awards night and to see who will be our successor for Diabetes HCP of the year 2019, good luck everyone 🤞

Thanks for reading, that’s enough for now, I best get ironing name labels into new school uniforms oh how I love this job…

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