DSN Forum Newsletter 21/07/19: Amanda Epps

Hello everyone, I am back from creating wings at Kings College London. I had so much fun and learnt so much. If you haven’t heard of FEND you are missing out! Go and sign up to be part of this fantastic group of DSNs across Europe! See here

This week is our 70th newsletter yes 70!! Who would have thought there was that much going on each week in the world of diabetes to fill 70 newsletters! Well there definitely is and this week is no different.

I am actually writing this from my bed, and for those who know me know it’s not usual for me to get sick but alas I have been overcome with germs I’m blaming my week in London, it’s got to be all the pollution affected my immune system.

Now for the news, the Primary Care Diabetes Society has a new Facebook page here and a new linked in page here.

There were lots of discussion about theme park letters and whether adults can have them too, the vast majority of DSNs said they would issue a letter, it’s up to the theme parks if they accept them.

We had a great blog entitled ‘My body can grow a human’ from one of the TAD talks speakers Niki. I won’t spoil it for you take a read here

There was a question as to if NADIA is happening this year, yes it is! 23-27th September ensure you’ve signed up if you work in inpatients.

Hypo Awareness Week email reminders went out, ensure you email Olly if you’re taking part oliver.jelley@ojpr.co.uk

There was a discussion around the use of Instagram for diabetes teams, does your team have an Instagram page? Let us know and get them to follow us @dsnforumuk

There was a really interesting blog from Diabettech around the hacking of older Medtronic pumps, check it out here

Beth was published in the journal of diabetes nursing for her work with Libre, we are all really proud of her, she does amazing work to raise awareness for access to technology. Read it here

The RCN has 2 vacancies for members to join the diabetes forum committee, if you are interested please apply here

The new cohort of clinical champions was announced, check out the diabetes times for the full story here congratulations to everyone who got through.

There was a good article about how social media can be used for revalidation here, see there is a reason we spend so much time online Beth…

There was an E-Learning module shared for non specialists check it out here

Introducing the G7, I know what you’re thinking I’ve only just heard of the G6! But here’s what we can expect from the next gen. Here

The pead teams are still trying to find a replacement meter for when the expert meter goes out of production. Ideally one that has a bolus advisor and doesn’t require a phone. Any ideas?

We had world emoji day, Beth shared this site where you can download diabetes related emojis.

There was a bit of discussion on the use of SGLT2 inhibitors in T1 diabetes as NICE have approved it but the FDA didn’t. So a lot of DSNs are waiting for further evidence due to the risks associated with DKA and referring onto consultants.

And news from twitter there’s an opportunity to shape the new T2 diabetes online services, exciting times!

And lastly this week we had a little vote behind the scenes at DSN forum HQ (a fictitious place based in the realms of Facebook messenger) We have decided to have a little summer holiday. We put a lot of work in behind the scenes in the forum, all in our own time and as most of us are having our summer holidays over the next few weeks it felt right to give everyone a little break from writing too. But do not worry we will be back in September, I promise!

Happy summer holidays everyone

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